Thursday, March 29, 2012

Complaint to Vigilance against 498a Father-in-law(FIL) / Mother-in-Law(MIL) Or Vigilance complaint against 498a Father-in-law(FIL) or Mother-in-Law(MIL)

Date:                                                                                From:
                                                                                        498a Accused-Victim
                                                                                        Address & Contact No.

The Chief Vigilance Commissioner
O/o Andhra Pradesh Vigilance Commission
North Wing, 'H' Block, Secretairat, Hyderabad - 22.


Ref:   (i)  Rule 25(A),  9(2) & 9(7) of  A.P.C.S (Conduct) RULES, 1964
         (ii) Circular Memo No.695/Ser.C/2006, Dated: 12-10-2006
         (iii) Circular Memo No.15486/Ser.C/2007, Dated :30-7-2007
         (iv)  G.O.Ms.No.528, Dated:19-08-2008.                                        

Sub: Vide references cited (i to iv) above, this is a complaint against under-mentioned retired Government for employee U/s 10   r/w sections 8 & 9 of Prevention of Corruption Act, 1988 and  violation of
A.P.C.S. (Conduct) Rules 1964.

Name:                      498a FIL/MIL
Office Address:         498a FIL/MIL 's Office
Residential Address:  498a FIL/MIL 's Residence

I, complainant  submit that following information for action against retired Government employee as hereunder:

I submit that 498a FIL/MIL  performed his/her daughters[de facto complainant] marriage on date ..............     at Place............

I further submit that 498a de facto complainant filed a complaint against me and my family members with allegations of  dowry on the file of .............Police Station, Palce and a Criminal case was registered Vide Crime No.........

In this connection it is submitted for your kind information that “dowry giving and abetment” is a cognizable offence U/s 3 of DP Act, 1961. I need not emphasize or over state this aspect as the authorities are well versed.

I submit that as per the complainant allegations,  498a FIL/MIL  admitted that he allegedly given dowry and abetted for his daughter’s marriage, which is gratification on his/her part, U/s 10 r/w sections 8 & 9 of Prevention of Corruption Act, 1988.

I submit that the offence was committed when  498a FIL/MIL was in service, as a Government employee.

I further submit that  498a FIL/MIL  had violated A.P.C.S. (Conduct) Rules 1964, which is a misconduct on his/her part for not filing any declarations (dowry and property) or intimation to the government, despite doing such transactions in the marriage year ....

In the light of the foregoing, I request you to initiate and take action to be ordered and taken against the said retired Government employee 498a FIL/MIL

Kindly expedite your investigation and keep me posted with details of FIR.

Thanking you,                                                                                Yours faithfully,

                                                                                               [498a Accused-Victim]

Encl: 1) Complaint Copy ( Exhibit A)
        2) Legal Witness – III Statement of de facto complainant's Father (Exhibit B)
        3) Charge Sheet (Exhibit C)
        4) PIO’s reply from 498a de facto complainant's father's office about non declaration of
            Rule 25(A) & 9 of A.P.C.S(C) RULES, 1964 (Exhibit E)
        5) reference ii [GO on strict compliance of Rule No 9(7) & 9(8)
           of APCS (Conduct) Rules, 1964 - Exhibit F]),
        6) reference iii [ GO on strict compliance of Rule No 9(7) of
           APCS (Conduct) Rules, 1964 - (Exhibit G)]
        7) reference iv [GO on strict compliance of Rule No 9(2) & 9(7) of
           APCS (Conduct) Rules, 1964 -(Exhibit H)] .

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  1. will this backfire if the judge ask why did u take dowry as we are asking action against taking dowry though we have not given any dowry.

    what step we should take before launching this vigilance complaint to make it fullproof which should not back fire.